Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Donaghy media blitz continues

I'll be posting a rather large critique of the Donaghy ongoings in the very near future, but until then I'll try to post links to as much coverage as possible (print, tv, radio, and internet).  Please know I am not editorializing in my choice of posted links.  That is, I am not taking the time to assess the coverage within each item, and I am sure I would take exception to much of the content I am listing below (most recent first):

Philadelphia Daily News 12/10/09

Philadelphia Inquirer 12/10/09

Philadelphia Inquirer 12/10/09 (second article)

True Hoop brief video clip of Donaghy interview re: book proceeds

ESPN J.A. Adande commentary (video)

ESPN 1050 (NY) "The Brandon Tierney Show" 12/9/09 interview audio

NY Daily News columnist commentary on Tierney interview and Knicks broadcaster Mike Breen call to show following interview column 12/9/09 column 12/9/09 (Jemele Hill)

Boomer and Carton on WFAN (New York) 12/8/09 interview audio

ESPN Radio (L.A.) Mason and Ireland 12/8/09 interview audio

Mayhem in the AM 790 The Zone (Atlanta) 12/8/09 interview audio